12 strong middle school essay topics related to phobias

The majority of people suffer from some type of phobia; however, if you were to ask someone to describe the definition of a phobia most people would struggle to do so. According to the field of psychology, a phobia is characterized as an anxiety disorder. It is described as a strong, irrational fear of an object, situation or activity. The feelings produce feelings of anxiety from mild to extremely severe. Mild anxiety in reaction to a phobia is typically ignored and often joked about by friends and family. However, severe anxiety in reaction to a phobia if not dealt with can cause a person not to leave their home. If you are looking for middle school essay topics, you can try this site. Here are twelve essay topics, prepared by the professional article writing service, for middle school to get you started.

  1. Discuss the distinct characteristics of agoraphobia.
  2. According to research, individuals who suffer from social phobia, or a social anxiety disorder have got low levels of serotonin, discuss arguments for and against this.
  3. According to research, individuals with a social phobia have a distorted view of themselves; discuss arguments for and against this.
  4. What role does disgust play in phobias?
  5. The fear of being laughed at is referred to as gelotophobia; discuss the psychological characteristics of this disorder and the possible root causes of this phobia.
  6. Recent research has concluded that there is a gene associated with social anxiety, discuss these findings.
  7. Discuss the role that a phobia of the dark plays in sleep disorders.
  8. Discuss the findings by scientists in Austria concerning the deactivation of the fear circuit in people with social anxiety disorders.
  9. Discuss the different treatment options available to those suffering with phobias.
  10. Discuss the main characteristics of claustrophobia.
  11. Discuss the origins of phobias and anxiety disorders.
  12. Discuss the most common phobias in children.

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