Decent advice on how to create a winning conclusion for an essay on obesity

Many students have points deducted from their overall grade because of a bad conclusion. One of the most detrimental mistakes to make is writing the words “in conclusion, “to finalize this essay,” or in light of the above.” Teachers have a hatred for these words when they are joined together. If you try to write my college essay on obesity, and you want to know how to write a good conclusion for an essay, follow these tips.

Components of a conclusion

Your conclusion should be a summary of your thesis statement and the supporting points that you have discussed in the main body of your essay. It is essential that you leave the reader something to think about, or a main point that convinces them to agree with your argument. Your conclusion should let the reader know why the points discussed in your essay were important. A question is a great way to leave your audience contemplating your essay. Since your essay is on obesity, the conclusion for essay could end with a question such as: “If people were to change the way they think about their health would there be a reduction in obesity rates in America?” Your conclusion should comprise of three points:

  1. Clarify your thesis statement, you will be surprised at how quickly people forget, this will jog the memory of your reader.
  2. A summary of your main arguments, make sure that you explain why each of your arguments supports your thesis statement.
  3. Leave the reader with something interesting to think about, either through a question or a thought provoking statement related to the subject you have written about.

Final thought

There are many students who ask the question how to write an essay conclusion? This is a legitimate question, and as you have read, there is a correct way to write a conclusion and a wrong way to write one. The more you practice your essay writing skills the better you will become at writing essays in general. Therefore, it is essential that you spend time outside of the classroom writing essays in the subjects that you are studying.