How to write a 1 page essay about biological weapon

Don’t get too excited if your teacher gives you a one page essay homework assignment. It might sound easy because of the length but they are harder to write than longer essays, especially when you have to write about a difficult subject like biological weapons! The difficult thing about writing a one page essay is that they are required to contain same major structure of a regular essay such as an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. With careful planning, you can learn how to write a 1 page essay effectively. Here are some hints and tips to assist you.

  • Teacher’s instructions
    This might sound like a no brainer but some students don’t read the instructions from their professor carefully and they end up missing some crucial points that caused them to get points knocked off their grade. Your instructions will let you know exactly what your teacher is looking for in a 1 page essay. For example, you may have points deducted for being over or under the one page requirement.
  • Your main points
    What are the main points of your topic? Write them out and then scale them down to the most important two or three points. Make sure that you don’t choose points that you will have a difficult time explaining in a few sentences, remember this is a one page essay and you need to be as brief as possible. Your thesis statement should be built on the argument that you are trying to make with the points you have identified.
  • Introduction
    Start your essay with something sharp and engaging to entice your reader. This should only be two to three sentences long explaining briefly outlining what your essay is going to be about.
  • The main body
    This is where you will incorporate the main points and expand on your argument. Again, you have to make sure you are as brief as possible and choose the most interesting points that will defend your argument most effectively. Each paragraph should be written in such a way that it can stand on its own in the essay. You will need to introduce each point, and conclude it with a closing sentence.
  • Conclusion
    Your conclusion will sum up your paper and summarize the main points that you have discussed in the main body of the essay. Use the conclusion to explain why your thesis statement is true considering the information you have provided.
  • Write the essay
    Now that you have written your first draft, you are ready to write the final essay. Don’t worry if your first draft is a little bit longer than one page, you can trim it down. You can cut your essay down by condensing sentences and cutting out unnecessary words, this is referred to as removing the fluff. Do as much slashing and cutting as you can until you have a one page essay.
    Now that you have cut the essay down and got it to one page, your next step is to edit my essay for punctuation and grammar. These mistakes can also cause you to get marks deducted from your overall grade. Make sure that the essay is written in an academic and information tone and that you have followed the instructions set out by your teacher.
  • Final thought
    You will be asked to write several one page essays throughout your academic career. As with all essays, the more time you spend practicing, the better you will become at writing them. Don’t just write one page essays when you have been given a homework assignment, you should write at least one a week.